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A Wired Family Update: Your Child & The Dark Web

Over the past year, I’ve heard several questions from students concerning the dark web. Three years ago I doubt any teen or tween had ever heard of this alternative network.

However, today, it is the subject of TV programs, news articles and documentaries. Should you be concerned? I think so.

Keep in mind, not everything in the dark web is evil. In fact, much good might come from its use inside of oppressive regimes such as in Syria, China, and North Korea. In this case, the dark web affords such individuals the ability to communicate with other likeminded people without fear of being caught.

Conversely, guns can be purchased, child porn can be accessed, and hitmen can be hired, and terrorist activity can be planned without much hope of being detected.

This brief  video helps to keep you informed and your family safe. 


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