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I wanted to let you all know that in March, Steve Smith came to Macy’s to speak with our associates about Cyber Safety, and gave his talk titled “Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo” to our associates.  The event was sponsored by our Working Families Employee Resource Group, and this was the second time we’ve asked Steve to speak to our associates, as he also presented to us in 2015.  One of our Managers heard him speak at her daughter’s school and was very passionate about bringing him back to Macy’s, which we did with no hesitation.  We had about 30 people attend the session and we had a robust discussion with the group.

We loved that he not only helped us to understand the dangers out there, but as parents, how to really tune into what our kids are doing, and know how to help keep them safe and to understand the dangers of the social media world.  His stories are compelling, and his enthusiasm for the topic is captivating.

We really appreciate that Cincinnati Bell provides such a valuable resource in Steve to help the community stay informed and aware of how we can keep our kids (and ourselves) safe.  Technology changes quickly and we are lucky to have Steve on our side.  We hope that he can continue to provide this valuable service to the Cincinnati community!

Thanks so much!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dena Benesh

                                                                            Director, HR Business Partner | Macy’s, Inc.




The Kroger Company

The past four years associate’s at the Kroger General Office have had the opportunity to observe Steve Smith’s presentation, Children Living in a 24×7 World.  Steve’s presentation is one of the most popular lunch and learn offered to our Kroger associates.   We offer it once a year but we could easily offer it twice a year as it is that popular.  I couldn’t begin to put a price on the value of Steve’s presentation.  The information is priceless.

Technology is quite beneficial to our children as it will give them the exposure to what they need. However, as fascinating as it is to know how to use the technology, this comes with its own set of challenges.   Steve Smith provides information so we may better coach and manager our children.  Equipping our Kroger associates with the tools, Steve Smith empowers our associates to manage/coach their children through this crazy changing world of technology.  The lunch and learns have likely saved our children from messy situations at school, with friends,  future colleges, future employers and more.

You don’t know what you don’t know!  The fast-paced world of social media and apps can simply be too much for our parents to wrap their brain around.  Steve Smith is able to deliver enough material during the lunch and learn to get the conversation started.  As well as the tools to help our parents, www.awiredfamily.org.

Below are some of my key take aways from Steve’s presentation

  • The increase in teenage depression is directly related to the innovation of the smart phone and social media.
  • Bullying is different in today’s environment.  Gone are the days of going home from school and not worrying about any bullying at school.  Bullying is now 24×7 and grows from 2 children at school to 100 or more of their friends on social media.
  • Social Media – the good and the bad.  The watch outs and long term effects of posting photos and texts.
  • Technology can be controlled. Many cell phone providers offer tools to help parents set boundaries and monitor activity.
  • Apps that are available to track your child’s usage of various apps and social media platform
  • Ensure children’s apps and social media are set to a privacy mode visible to friends only.  This will protect them from predators and other individuals that could take advantage.
  • Stay informed using Steve’s website,   as new apps and social media pop up almost monthly.

I look forward to working with Steve next year.  It is very rewarding to know we have empowered our associates so they may better manage their children’s technology.


-Victoria Woeste

The Kroger Company

steve-franzenCampbell County Attorney

Steve, As you know I have had the distinct pleasure of presenting with you to hundreds of school kids in Campbell County over the past 6 years. I find the program invaluable. Not only do I learn something every time I hear the presentation but every school that has received the program has witnessed a thoroughly engrossed student audience. The timeliness, importance and relevance of the subject matter cannot be denied. Educating our youth on the hazards of social media, the internet, and digital media is paramount in trying to help our young people to navigate this increasingly complex and perilous digital world. SOCIAL MEDIA:YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO is far and away the best tool I have witnessed to get this important message out to our youth. From the highest mountain I am screaming to parents educators, counselors and anyone who cares about school age children make them (your student) attend a presentation of SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO.

Steve Franzen

Campbell County Attorney

jill-hollander-picDr. Jill Hollander, Curriculum Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools

Stephen Smith has been a wonderful partner of CPS from Cincinnati Bell.  Mr. Smith has helped us implement the program SOCIAL MEDIA: Your Digital Tattoo though the CPS Business Training Center and at breakout sessions during the BECC-CPS Career Expo.  CPS is extremely grateful for Cincinnati Bell’s program and our students have noted how much they have learned from Mr. Smith.  Students stated that they will make better choices now that they know what contributes to their online profiles and how their “digital tattoos” will impact their future endeavors.  This program is also implemented within our schools at various sites. In fact, it is often requested by principals and teachers because of the important, relevant information it includes.  This is a program every child should experience prior to using social media.  Thank you Mr. Smith and Cincinnati Bell for offering such a beneficial program to our students!

   – Dr. Jill Hollander, Curriculum Manager

Career-Based Learning, 7-12 Advisory,

and Business Partnerships

clermont-county-prosecutors-officeClermont County Prosecutor’s Office

I have witnessed the impact that the Cincinnati Bell SOCIAL MEDIA: Your Digital Tattoo program has had on Students across both Hamilton County and Clermont County.    This program introduces topics of social media/internet responsibility, risks, and awareness to the students.    For many, this program is a wake-up call to the modern communication pitfalls.    The Program’s creator and presenter, Stephen Smith, uses language the students understand and presents the topics in a way that make them relatable to the students.  The idea that these students are creating a “brand” for themselves on social media in the way they present themselves online is an ingenious message to the kids that they understand.  It makes the kids think about what image they are projecting online and how that image can impact their future and follow them for years to come.    The Program is a success for many reasons, but the most important, in my mind, is that the Program makes kids stop and think.   You can see the students’ minds working while Mr. Smith is speaking.

I have also witnessed the gratitude from Parents who Mr. Smith presents to.    Like me, most parents grew up in a non-smart phone, non-internet household and were completely unaware of the potential risks of both social media and online communication.   The resources that Mr. Smith outlines for parents and his website www.awiredfamily.org provides are invaluable to parents of all ages.”

-Dotty Smith, Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office

prosecutor_seal-1Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, Juvenile Division has paired with Cincinnati Bell on numerous occasions to present its program SOCIAL MEDIA: Your Digital Tattoo.  This program was initiated by Cincinnati Bell’s Steve Smith to educate the community on the influence technology has on our young people, both positive and negative.  Each of Steve’s presentations is customized to educate the specific age group Steve is addressing. For younger kids, he talks about cyber bullying and the emotional affect it can have on those targeted by it.  For teenagers, he addresses risk factors associated with social media such as how it can affect one’s ability to get into college, receive scholarship funds, or obtain a job upon graduation from college.  He makes parents aware of the popular social media sites and apps that are being used by their children.  He educates parents about the information that can be sent and received through these sites and apps.  A specific emphasis is placed on educating parents about the sexting trend that is so prevalent with today’s younger generation and the unforeseen consequences and criminal charges that can result from this behavior.  Overall, his presentations emphasize privacy concerns associated with technology and the responsible use of social media.   

The Juvenile Division of the Prosecutors Office interacts with tweens and teenagers on a daily basis, yet it seems almost impossible to stay abreast of the newest trends in technology being used by them.  Thus, Steve’s up to date presentations act as an invaluable tool for Prosecutors and parents trying to keep up with the younger generation.

The presentations are very informative and worthwhile, and help both young people and parents understand the risks and rewards of using social media.

Jennifer Deering

Assistant Chief, Juvenile Division

Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office

forest-hills-school-districtForest Hills School District

Staying ahead of the digital curve presents a continual challenge for school districts. How do we keep our students safe online? Do parents know how to help keep their children safe online? How do we attack this problem? For us, our partnership with Cincinnati Bell and Stephen Smith provides an invaluable service providing videos, articles, and workshops for parents.

Stephen sends us his latest video monthly for inclusion in our parent newsletters. The videos are short but to the point, providing parents a way to understand what new apps students are using, what it does, and whether or not it is cause for concern.

Cincinnati Bell’s service is invaluable and will continue to be part of our strategy for cyber safety. Thanks, Stephen!

Christine McCormick

Director of Technology

Forest Hills School District


Fairfield Middle School

I have had the opportunity to see the impact that Stephen Smith can have on students through his presentation on both a professional and personal level.  As an administrator, I have heard his presentation to our school’s students about the “digital tattoo” they make for themselves each and every time they text, utilize social media, etc.  He presents very important and needed information to help young adults be more aware of their presence online and how to be cyber safe.  As a parent, I have heard comments about the impact that his presentation made on my own daughter after she listened to him at her school.  He helped reinforce some of the same conversations that we have started in our home, as well as helped her realize how to protect herself online and interact with others responsibly.

–Aileen Ernst


Fairfield Middle School


Brookwood Elementary School

I work as a counselor at Brookwood elementary which is an urban elementary in Hamilton, Ohio. We have been blessed for the past two years in having Mr. Steve Smith from Cincinnati Bell come into our building and provide a great presentation. Mr. Smith presented on the perils of social media with his presentation titled, “SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO. The presentation was not about threatening or scaring our 5th and 6th grade students, it was about being informative with discussion of real consequences for choices that are made. This information was well received by our staff and students. I had the student body complete a survey after the presentation and the data was overwhelming in support of how informative the presentation was. Multiple students stopped Mr. Smith as he was leaving the presentation to share their story and ask more questions. Our building would love the opportunity to have this Cincinnati Bell presentation every year!

Zane Lykins

Student and Family Support Specialist

Brookwood Elementary, 868-5590

ridgeway-elementaryRidgeway Elementary School

Ridgeway Elementary had the opportunity to have Stephen Smith of Cincinnati Bell visit our school to educate our students about social media usage.  Mr. Smith was very professional and efficient with his presentation: SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO.  It was obvious that Mr. Smith had experience with and was comfortable teaching a large group of students. The information was relevant and was explained in a way that was easily understood by the age group served.  This presentation provided our staff and students with new information and has served as a conversation starter with students about safe social media use.  We are very appreciative that Cincinnati Bell and Mr. Smith are willing to serve the community and invest in our children!

Mindee Callahan

Student & Family Support, Ridgeway Elementary


Butler County Prosecutor’s Office

Assisting Steve with his presentations over the years has been a pleasure. He is providing a valuable community service by providing students and parents alike the information necessary to be an informed citizen in an ever changing digital world. Steve does a great job of keeping his program updated in a fast changing landscape of social media.  Its becoming harder and harder to protect yourself from lurking digital dangers, but with Steve’s presentation you can become more informed and help limit those risks.  Also, by giving assistant prosecutors, like me, a forum to come into the schools and inform students of the potential legal consequences of their acts, Steve Smith has a provided an invaluable opportunity to make sure individuals make informed choices and understand the possible consequences.

Jeff Schlessman

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Butler County



Immaculate Heart of Mary

Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo is a powerful presentation for parents, students and school staff.  It addresses some of the most important topics that surround youth: social media safety, cyber bullying and mental health concerns associated with the use of technology.  IHM parents were enlightened at how many ways they could help teach and protect their children.  Immaculate Heart of Mary School thanks Cincinnati Bell and Mr. Stephen Smith for offering this essential and valuable presentation.  We will use the program as long as our students are asked to use electronic devices.

– Immaculate Heart of Mary Administration


Sycamore School District, Sycamore Junior High School

Stephen Smith recently presented Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo to parents of Sycamore Junior High students. His informative presentation gives parents the tools to better monitor their child’s online activity. With technology ever-changing, he keeps parents abreast of new apps and social media trends. His talk is easy to understand and gives parents more confidence in understanding what happens when their child goes online and clear steps on how to keep kids safe when they are.

Ashley Ellis
Sycamore Jr High PTO

lebanon-high-schoolLebanon City Schools, Lebanon High School

WOW!  The timing of Stephen Smith, and his presentation on SOCIAL MEDIA: Your Digital Tattoo, could not have been better!  We have been dealing with students making poor choices on social media. His message not only reiterated what we have been telling students, but opened their eyes to how these poor choices may negatively impact their future options! Mr. Smith’s presentation was interactive and engaged students from beginning to end!  Thank-you to Cincinnati Bell for allowing Stephen Smith to come to our school and share this powerful presentation!  We look forward to having him back!

Butch Ferrero

Lebanon High School, Asst. Principal

nagelNagel Middle School

Over 600 Nagel Middle Students had the privilege of hearing Stephen Smith present SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO.  This was hands down the best presentation of the year.  Stephen has a way of captivating all students’ attention and providing information that not only warns students of the dangers of their online life but educates them how to stay safe.
His presentation sparked a lot of conversation among the students and had a lasting impact on them.  Every school needs SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO to be presented to their students!

Carolyn Heller

Counselor, Nagel Middle School

hopewell-elementary-schoolLakota School District, Hopewell Elementary School

As an elementary school guidance counselor, I thought the Cincinnati Bell program about the safe use of technology/social media for our students was very informative and relative to the lives of our fifth and sixth grade students.  Students were very engaged during the program & asked in-depth questions after the program was finished.  The presenter spoke in a very knowledgeable manner & had practical tips to offer our students.  I would highly recommend Cincinnati Bell’s program to students, educators, and parents alike.”

Thanks & Best Regards,

Brad Rubin

Counselor, Hopewell Elementary School

st-james-white-oakSt. James School

For several years St. James School has taken advantage of Cincinnati Bell’s program, Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo.  I consider this program essential for our students in our junior high to hear!  Stephen Smith is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the latest trends in social media.  Keeping our kids safe and helping them make good choices is important and this program helps with both of those things.


Jeffrey Fulmer

Principal, St. James School

beech-acres-parenting-center-bannerBeech Acres Parenting Center

Over 30 foster parents had the pleasure of participating in a conversation with Stephen Smith as he presented Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo. Stephen did an excellent job of helping participants understand how technology affects their everyday life and the importance of helping the youth in our community understand how their use of social media has a lasting imprint. I would highly recommend Cincinnati Bell’s program to anyone in the community with an interest in becoming more knowledgeable in the latest social media trends and the impact that social media and technology plays in our lives!

Sarah Sizemore, LSW

Beech Acres Parenting Center

elder-high-school-12-14-2016Elder High School

Steve Smith and his team at Cincinnati Bell did an excellent job of presenting material in a comprehensive and engaging way.  The presentation entitled Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo made students realize the information they share in cyberspace is there forever.  Steve related real life stories and practical examples of safety and consequences.  The feedback from this presentation was very positive and well received.  Thanks for your time and commitment to this most important issue.

Joe Driehaus

Guidance Director – Elder High School


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