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With Age Comes Wisdom: Just The Facts Mam

One of the great advantages that age provides us is wisdom. In my case, it’s helped me to understand that — unlike during my youth, I know that I can’t do everything by myself.

That was brought to mind today while viewing a presentation on children and technology. Embedded within the presentation was a link to an infographic on bullying and another on social media. The infographics are provided by Liahona Academy in Utah. You can learn more about them at

These infographics do a great job of providing the facts concerning how teens are using technology — and how you can make your family’s online presence safer. But without the facts — you and your child are simply wondering the highways and byways of apps and websites without the wisdom to make good decisions.

As Sgt. Friday from the 1960’s TV Show, DRAGNET would say, “Give me the facts Mam… just the facts.”

Take a look a the two infographics and consider sharing them with your friends and family. I think you’ll find the information helpful.

Perhaps by parents working together, we can better spread the word.

NOTE: This blog and mention of Liahona Academy is not an endorsement of Liahona Academy or its affiliates.


Created by: Liahona Academy

See the full version of the 2014 Social Media Guide


Bullying Prevention Infographic October 2013

Provided by:Liahona Academy

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