The Washington Post Asks: Is Sexting The New First Base?

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I have had the great opportunity to speak with more than 120,000 students and adults on the issues related to Sexting, Online Privacy and Cyberbullying. Although I believe most find the information of some value — we know that so many teens might still disregard the information over time. Moreover, parents feel overwhelmed with the immense change in technology and its cultural adoption in all aspects of life.

After presenting at the request of Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital last Friday, I had the good fortune to speak with many physicians, nurses and social workers on these topics. All suggested the same concerns, “Things just changing so quickly… it’s hard to keep up with.”

I came upon this article today in the Washington Post related to teen sexting. I hope that it helps you better understand the trend and to take the necessary steps to speak with your children, patients or students.


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