Apps, Saps and What Can I Do Now?

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The past few weeks I have made several presentations to healthcare professionals, educators and parents related to the responsible use of technology. It’s been tremendous for me to meet so many people from varying backgrounds. I met several doctors and nurses from Children’s Hospital. I also had the great pleasure to speak with so many professionals at Kroger’s Headquarters in downtown Cincinnati who invited me to present on these same issues. Additionally, I spoke to well over 200 parents from several schools that attended evening sessions from their neighborhood and parish schools.

Perhaps the most significant statement I have heard over these past few weeks was from a parent who told me, “I feel like such a sap not understanding anything about these devises and apps that my children use. What can I do?”

Although others have phrased the issue differently, the spirit of his message rings true with so many parents.It is for that reason, we produced this video so that you can absorb this information at your own pace in the comfort of you own home. Cincinnati Bell is proud to provide this education as a caring partner that works, lives and plays in your community.

We welcome the opportunity to present updated information at your school, organization or business. Feel free to contact me at the following email and phone number:

Stephen J Smith
Cincinnati Bell Technology Solution


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