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A Wired Family App Update: After School

Every year it seems that a new app surfaces and is adopted by teens and young adults.  In 2004  it was Facebook — which was only available to college students with a .edu email address.

Then we saw the introduction and adoption of YouTube (2005) and Twitter (2006). Within about 10 years following the introduction of Facebook — we saw the unveiling and adoption of other sites/apps such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Snapchat.

Today there are approximately 1.5 million apps on the market.  However, one caught our attention back in August when we wrote about an interesting new app nicknamed AFTER SCHOOL. We decided that the growth of AFTER SCHOOL warranted a two minute video app update that could easily be shared by schools and parents. Please take a look and share with your family, friend and neighbors.

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