How To Secure Your Privacy Settings On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Vine

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privacy-imageThe question I get the most from parents and students generally relates to, “How do I adjust my privacy settings on social media”?  Since there are so many social media platforms — each with their own changing policies and settings — it’s difficult to answer.

Additionally, the multiple technologies used by consumers also makes the questions more difficult. For example, some people use Apple’s IOS devices, others use Android, some use Windows mobile devices. Each handle certain social media icons and actions differently.

When possible, I recommend that when reviewing and updating your privacy on any social media, it is typically easier to do so on a PC. However, we’ll attempt to provide as many options and resources as we can through our review of some of the best articles and videos on this subject.

Let’s start with FACEBOOK.

Victor Luckerson from Time Magazine did an excellent job in January with his article on how to set your privacy controls on Facebook. You can access his article here.

Additionally, Facebook provides a step-by-step tutorial for you on this same subject. Click here to access the Facebook Help Page.

I also wrote an article and produced a video  many months ago on how to secure your child’s Facebook privacy settings. Although some of the processes may have changed, I think you’ll find this information below helpful.


Interestingly, when I speak at suburban schools, most high school and middle school children have Facebook accounts — but they spend much of their time on Instagram, and many evolving texting/messaging apps. If I’m in the inner city, most students are using Facebook and these same evolving texting/messaging apps.

I’m certain this too will continue to evolve. However, there is unquestionably a large percentage of teens spending more time on Instagram rather than Facebook. To that end, privacy is important.

In May 2014, I wrote the following article on how to use Instagram. Although some of the information may have changed slightly, I do attempt to show you how to use Instagram on both an iPhone and Android.

To learn the most up-to-date information on Instagram I also suggest you access Instagram’s PRIVACY HELP CENTER by  simply click here.

Ben Patterson, author of the blog,  HERE’S THE THING, wrote an interesting article last year on Instagram  privacy tips. I think you’ll find it helpful. His article can be found here.

As I mentioned, it is far easier to set privacy for most social media while using a PC, however Joshua Rotter, from CNET wrote a great article for those that choose to use their iPhone or iPad when setting their privacy on Instagram.

Jared Howe from PRIVATE WIFI wrote a short article on how to quickly make Instagram privacy changes on IOS, Andriod and Windows Phones. Click here for his tips.


Privacy settings on Twitter are often overlooked. Since by default all of your tweets are public, you’ll want to visit Twitter’s privacy page soon after you register your account. The process is rather simple. You can change your security and privacy settings by viewing this page provided by Twitter Support.

Additionally,  produced a short video on Twitter security settings that i think you’ll find helpful as well.


Vine is a growing app used by many middle and high school students. It’s also a favorite of college students and has caught the eye of many advertiser trying to find a niche with the youth market.

The service allows users to create and view short videos on just about any subject. Vine was purchased by Twitter several years ago and integrates well with both Twitter and even Facebook.

Security settings are limited, but rather easy to set under your PROFILE settings.

You can learn more through the VINE SUPPORT page here.

However, if you or your child already have a VINE account and you wish to check your privacy settings, simply  navigate to your Profile and select “Settings” followed by  “Your Content.”

On the “Your Content” page, check “Posts are protected.” This setting will then apply to all of your posts.

If you wish to learn more about VINE, click this article written by Commonsense Media.

Let us know if you find this information helpful. There are a wealth of articles and videos available on these subjects. However, we’ve attempted to narrow down the choices and  the most helpful tips for protecting you and your family.


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