A Wired Family App Update: Live.ly

lively-logo-smallBy: Stephen J Smith

Well, just when you thought the world had enough live broadcast apps — another has surfaced among the middle school set — and that app is Livel.ly.

It’s parent company, Musical.ly — a Shanghai-based social network astonished the business world by amassing a global user base of nearly 100 million mostly young teenage users in less than one year. With Musical.ly, users lip sync to popular music and then post it to their Musical.ly Accounts.

Based on the success of Musical.ly , they integrated Live.ly, into their app — although it is a a free standing app that focuses on livestreaming.

Much like You Now, Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook live, Livel.ly is a  social-networking app that allows users to broadcast live video to online friends — and sometimes strangers.

This video explores the new app and helps parents decide if it is appropriate or their child.

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