The Effects of Cyberbullying

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cyber-bullying-122156_960_720By: Stephen J Smith

I’m often asked where I get the information that is provided during my presentations and in my blogs. In reality, I spend a great deal of time doing research. However, I also speak to as many people as possible on these issues.

From time-to-time I also get phone calls and emails from doctors, lawyers, teachers and school councilors who share their knowledge with me as well.

Recently, Leigh Marcos shared this perspective and researcher with our followers. As a parent, teacher or member of our community, you’ll find the facts and figures related to cyberbullying somewhat alarming.

Effects of cyberbullying         

We are all fully aware of the implications of bullying and the distress and negative impact it can have on our everyday lives. With the recent boom in technology and use of smart phones, the incidence of cyberbullying has increased dramatically over the years. In essence, cyberbullying can be defined as; “when someone repeatedly threatens, harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices.”

The implications of cyberbullying can be severely detrimental and can take an enormous toll on someone’s health and well-being, or even worse, cause them to take their own life. It is more damaging than normal types of bullying given the access individuals have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to technology giving the victim the feeling that they cannot escape it.

To get more of an idea on the subject, check out this comprehensive guide on the appalling mental and physical impacts of bullying.

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