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A Wired Family App Update: The Eero

3-eerosBy: Stephen J Smith

As I said in our blog about the eero — in the past developers were slow to create tools for families to use to manage their home wi-fi networks — and provide, easy to use parental controls.

Engineers in Silicon Valley built incredibly complex boxes that could do anything — as long as you had your CCNP and CCIE network certifications. You don’t know what those are? Well then you too have probably been frustrated by the lack of control of the network in your home.

Controlling who and what was accessed on your family network seemed as difficult as finding an online article not involving the Kardashians. But alas, these problems have in large part been resolved by several vendors including, Disney Circle, AmpliFi, Luma and today’s subject, Eero.

This video provides a brief overview of this tremendous new product — along with some suggestions concerning other solutions.

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