SnapChat Streaks & “Craziest People” Videos

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So you’re driving in your car, stressed about everything you didn’t accomplish at work. The dog needs to go to the vets; your child needs to be picked up from soccer; you can’t recall if you mailed your mortgage payment; and you’re pretty sure the new neighbor was on the most recent “Craziest people seen at WalMart” video.

Muddy Soccer Player LegsYou come to an abrupt halt in front of  your child’s school. Your moody, sweaty soccer star is covered in mud and clumsily climbs into the back of your newly cleaned SUV.  You hear the seat-belt click and you slowly pull away from the curb when you suddenly hear a blood curdling scream!

“I can’t believe it’s over! I’ve been working on this all month! It’s over!”

Concerned, you pull the car back toward the curb. “What’s over honey? What happened?”

Your child sobs, “My streak. My streak is over. I’m so stressed!”

Snapchat Streak FireAs you’re reading this you might be wondering, “What streak had caused so much stress in this young girl’s life?”  But if you have a teen, you might already know the child’s stress relate to the flame and hourglass emojis symboling the success or failure of the Snapchat STREAK competition.

hourglassNever heard of this teen phenomenon and digital time-waster? Well, I’ve provided several articles below that might help quench your thirst for knowledge.

Walmart Parking LotMy guess is that when finished, you’ll simply shake your head and then go about wondering, “Are there really “Craziest people seen at WalMart” videos. For the record… yes there are. Yes there are.


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