A Wired Family App Update: Invasion of the BOTS

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Have you heard about the invasion of the BOTS?

You probably use them a lot but simply didn’t know their classification name.  It could be an automated weather forecast, or a voice system used for ordering food online.

Alexa and Siri are bots. If you think back to your hazy, crazy days of college you might recall AOL’s Instant Messenger known as SmarterChild.

Well, they’ve come a long way since SmarterChild, and they’re getting smarter. This video helps you to understand this new means of capturing the attention of your child on a mobile device.

To discover more about your child’s use of technology, and how you can help guide them through digital life, please consider ordering our book. All proceeds go to future research that supports our mission to educate families on their child’s digital tattoo.


NOTE: If you’d like us to come to your school or organization for our presentation on the impact of social media on teens, please contact us at: marybeth@awiredfamily.org


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