Social Media: Your Child’s Digital Tattoo (My New Book)

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You might have wondered why it’s been a few weeks since I last posted a blog. Well… I’ve been finishing my first book, SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR CHILD’S DIGITAL TATTOO. It’s been a great experience, but as you might expect, time consuming.

The book compiles experiences from my last 30 plus years in technology and media – the last 6 of which where I have spoken to over 300,000 people – and in many cases listening to their stories, including teachers, counselors, doctors, prosecutors, parents and teens. Many of the stories have been uplifting – some have been tragic.

I’ve taken these experiences and attempted to build a strategy for managing and monitoring your child’s digital tattoo. In other words, managing that trail of metadata that all of us leave behind when we use an app, or simply turn on our smartphone. I hope that you find the information helpful, as you work with your child to understand the potential hazards and benefits to using smartphone technology.

The book is available on Amazon in both print and eBook formats. The link below is for the eBook.

I am also leaving Cincinnati Bell at the end of August. Cincinnati Bell has been my employer for nearly 17 years – 15 as an employee and 2 as a consultant. They have been an important partner is spreading the word about the benefits and concerns related to social media. However, starting on September 2nd, Mary Beth and I will be managing our speaking series together — and on our own. After 41 years of getting up and driving to work in different directions, we will now work together to help families and their children manage technology. Keep us in your prayers.

Please let us know what you think.

To discover more about your child’s use of technology, and how you can help guide them through digital life, please consider ordering our book. All proceeds go to future research that supports our mission to educate families on their child’s digital tattoo.


NOTE: If you’d like us to come to your school or organization for our presentation on the impact of social media on teens, please contact us at:


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    • Thanks John for the kind words. We’ve had several formatting and editing issues between the Ebook and print. I’ve learned a lot about publishing. By Friday I’ll be satisfied that we have a good product. Thanks again. Stay safe in Florida my friend.

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