Password Protecting Your Child’s App Download Feature

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One of the most important means of managing your child’s online life relates to the apps that you allow them use. However, where do you start? How can you best leverage technology – to leverage technology — without costing you a week’s pay?

I suggest you start by managing the passcode for the Apple app store or Google Play on your child’s device. Most importantly it’s free and most everyone can navigate the process without a degree from MIT.

However, depending on the version of the operating system on your iPhone or Android device – the process might vary. To that end, I suggest you first update your operating system and then follow the proper process. The following link will describe which IOS devices can be updated to IOS 12.1.4.

However,  understand that some updates on older models might cause a slow down of older devices. Additionally, Apple could update to IOS 13 and void everything you just read. Yep. It happens.

If you decide to upgrade the IOS, you can do so by following these instructions.

Once the iphone/iPad is upgraded, you can easily password protect the app download feature  by following this link. But understand, if your child can figure out the passcode – you’ve accomplished nothing. Choose something that’s not easy to hack.

Since you’ve now taken the steps to upgrade your IOS, you can now look at the new built-in parental controls that Apple offers. It’s well worth the extra time to see if this works, particularly for children between the ages of 10-14.


To password protect you Android device, you might find the instructions on RICK’s DAILY TIPs helpful.

However, just as with Apple devices, I  suggest you first update your Android operating system. To do so, follow the link below.

Once you update the OS, you can access the newest methods of using Android’s (Google) built in parental controls that go beyond simply password protection within Google Play.

To do so, follow this link:

In the case of Apple and Android(Google) — both companies will undoubtedly update their operating systems. If you do, make certain you re-test all of the controls you setup. The last update of Apple’s IOS deleted all of the internal parental controls I has setup on my grandson’s device. Fortunately, we caught the issue without incident.

As always, we will do our best to follow the changes on both Apple and Android devices. Good luck, and please let us know if you’ve found these links helpful.



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