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In a recent Education Week report, titled: “Principals Under Pressure” six challenges were mentioned by the principals for their schools.

These include:
• managing work-life balance
• addressing toxic employees
• supporting special education services
• being creative in retaining teachers
• and openly communicating about safety and security protocols

However, one challenge that is common to almost every district, rich or poor, public or private, and also impacts most of the concerns above is the changing mental health of students.

Although there are many reasons for this upsurge of depression, anxiety and suicide ideation among teens and tweens – many mental health professionals believe that unfettered access to social media, video game and other technologies plays a role.

For the past 10 years, A Wired Family has been helping students, families, school districts, businesses better understand the impact that social media has on our lives. This brief video explains our single objective.


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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful article. I’m also concerned with the effect of social media on kids, but I wonder if they are not using it as a coping method for a larger problem in their families or communities caused by the accelerating demands of the economy. When their parents are running at full speed or burnt out, this may cause kids to search for alternative sources of perspective on the internet. I hope that we can create safe spaces on the internet where kids explore their intellectual capabilities and natural curiousity. Unfortunately, the educational materials on the internet are hit or miss. It makes young people paranoid when deep fakes and fake news is everywhere. We need more trusted sources and brands.

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