Using Restriction Mode To Keep Kids Safe on YouTube

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It’s tough being a parent in any generation.. In fact, as I mentioned in my book, one of my favorite parenting quotes comes from an unlikely source – Adam Sandler who once said, “One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.” My kids know a lot about that…

But today, parents are responsible for a digital world where often children play out their lives on apps such as SnapChat, Tik Tok, Instagram and, the subject of today’s video – YouTube.

YouTube has countless hours of entertainment, videos, and TV shows to keep you and your kids entertained, but there is some content on YouTube you might not deem acceptable for your child. For
example, while using the TOR browser this week, we searched for things most of us would find “not family-friendly.” For example: How to make a bomb — How to steal a car – How to shoplift, How to commit suicide – And instructions on just about every sex act known and unknown to mankind.

This program looks at how the use of YouTube’s Restriction Mode can help parents keep YouTube safe for their children.


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