A Wired Family: Virtual Social Media Training for Schools

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A Wired Family

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year, filled with gnarly twists and turns, would be an understatement. In my many decades on this planet, seldom did I wake up wondering if another shoe was going to drop on the world stage any minute. Be it the pandemic, unemployment, violence, wildfires, hurricanes, quarantined nations – and perhaps most daunting — online learning, this year was a cornucopia of bad news. In fact, if it were a movie, it would be described as “a dystopian, surreal and macabre fictional account of a world gone mad.” No one could have written such a script and considered it even marginally possible.

Yet, in fact, this has not been a good year for most of us. We all know someone that has been struck by COVID-19, or lost a job. We all know families overwhelmed with helping their children learn while using technology that perhaps seemed threatening and intimidating. How many of us had children or grandchildren stuck at home – tethered to a laptop for their classes?

To that end, A Wired Family needed to change our social media program to accommodate the new reality. Never did I think or want our training to leverage the same technology that we believe to be already over-used by teens and tweens. Yet, the real value of technology is the ability to deliver information that cannot be provided in-person. Technology certainly does have its place.

As such, we spent 4 months writing and producing programs for students, parents, and staff at schools and other organizations to understand how to manage the technology in the lives of children.
This video provides a brief preview of these new online programs.

We hope that you find this training helpful during these unique times. Let us know how we can help.


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