The Nitty Gritty of Managing Your Child’s Device Running IOS 16

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So you purchased an iPhone for your child at Christmas or, Hanukkah and now you’re wondering what you got yourself into. You are not alone. There are many questions that parents ask following my presentations related to social media safety. But perhaps the most frequently asked questions related to the various built-in controls that Apple provides. Within this article, you will find two additional links that will help to address these questions.

In September 2022, Apple released IOS 16. In most cases, your child’s new device is likely running one of the 8 versions of IOS 16. There are some interesting changes, but also some additions that are perhaps a cause for concern and in some cases delight.

Those of greatest concern are as follows:

  • Text messages can be unsent
  • Texts can also be edited
  • Hidden and Recently Deleted photos can be locked
  • SharePlay now allows users to watch TV and movies together in Messages
  • Public Note links

But there are some great new, fun features as well such as:

  • Family Sharing updates
  • Approve Screen Time requests in messages
  • Health app updates
  • New Focus Features
  • Clever and Fun Features

But, before learning how to manage their device, please take a look at what BARK has to say about the most recent release You can access this detail by following the Bark link.

Drilling Down To The Nitty Gritty of Managing Your Child’s Device Running IOS 16

Now, assuming that you are ready to delve into the nitty gritty of peeling back the “management onion” of your child’s device, it is important to understand that Apple frequently updates its IOS when they make improvements or finds flaws. This part of the article posted on was written to address IOS 16 and its various iterations since its release. As of this writing in January of 2023, Apple is up to release IOS 16.1.2.  That is a total of 8 updates in less than a year.

While I know that Apple does everything it can to keep its screens consistent, please understand that’s often not the reality.

Any update can change the screens you must access —  and the sequence you must follow to make changes to privacy and other options.  It is frustrating, but worth the effort to keep your kids safe. Moreover, you will become more familiar with your child’s device by making the effort.

With that warning and caveat, according to our friends at Apple, this link will assist you in better managing your child’s device.

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