A Wired Family Update: Fortnite, Video Games & Ice Cream

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Often during my social media presentations for adults, at least one parent ask me about Fortnite – the hit video game produced by Epic Games. So I think it’s time we try and give a quick overview.

Based on trends over the last year, first person  shooter video games are become quite popular. First person shooter games or (FPS) is a video game genre centered around weapon-based combat from the perspective of a first-person. In other words you experience the action through the eyes of the protagonist.

These games have also become spectator sports. Just as people are willing to watch grown men run through tacklers or hit a tiny ball off a tee– today’s digital gamers are growing fans by the thousands.  You’ll get an inside look at these gamers anytime you access Twitch… the epicenter of video gaming. They are filled with digital stars with names like Myth, Mtashed, and LuLuLuvely. Millions follow such stars – and there is sponsorship money for these stars through companies such as Gillette, Intel and others.

This video examines the culture of video games; the potential issues related to over-using such games — and of course an overview one of the fastest growing first person shooter games called Fortnite.

I’ll also give you my thoughts as to how ice-cream might very well relate to your favorite video gamer — your child.


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