A Wired Family Update: Teens & Pornography

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First, please allow me to explain why I am so animated in this video. For almost 8 years I have been working with kids and their parents on issues related to technology and social media. However, nothing has concerned me more than the access that teens have to porn. Moreover, so many parents are ill-informed as to where this porn exists. Often it’s on what we think of as benign apps such as Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Yubo, YouTube and Facebook. Yes, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube often provide links to such content embedded within the context of user accounts. Click the link — and your child is well on their way.
As such, I have found so many young people having ruined their lives due to the impulsive nature of teens; their curious minds, raging hormones and the availability of porn on their phones.  Not black and white Marilyn Monroe of the 1950’s. Not Playboy Playmates from the 1990’s. Not even models on the covers of Larry Flynt’s Hustler. These are high definition, well produced — and sometimes 3D sex acts.
Twice in May I had parents visit me after my presentation to tell me, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” In both cases, their children had become addicted to porn — which adversely impacted their education, personalities and relationships.
When I hear these stories I often think, “Oh by the Grace of God go I.” I thank the Lord that such content was not easily accessed by my generation.
I have received some criticism for this video being a bit preachy — in addition to bringing up God, the Garden of Eden and Prometheus. However, regardless of your faith tradition — the idea is that there are somethings in life we are not ready to consume or understand. When it comes to teens — that includes, granular depictions of every sex act one can imagine. There are consequences for being exposed to porn at such a young age. Similarly, there were consequences for Adam and Eve and in Greek Mythology for Prometheus, for his desire to know more.
One doesn’t need to be Christian, Jewish or Muslim to understand these stories.  To that end, if I have offended you, I apologize.
Also, smartphones and technology can be a great blessing on society when used properly.
Beyond the shear sadness and disbelief following the Parkland school shooting was the understanding of how parents today want to be able to stay in contact with their children during times of tragedy.
Images of crying teens on the phone with their parents and stories of parents having received text message from their kids of their safety – illustrates one of the positive issues related to teen use of smartphones. There is no denying the sense of relief such text messages must have provided to these families.
However, as we know, these great devices are sometimes used for inappropriate behavior by teens… and for adults for that matters.
This video looks at the growing concern related to teen access to porn though mobile computing devices. Moreover, we look at the consequences we see today – and what it means to the future.


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NOTE: If you’d like us to come to your school or organization for our presentation on the impact of social media on teens, please contact us at: marybeth@awiredfamily.org


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