The Secret to Making Family Life Easier, From the Moms at Sittercity

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The Secret to Making Family Life Easier, From the Moms at Sittercity

By Tricia Cagua, mom and VP of Marketing at Sittercity

Woman and young boy outdoors embracing and smilingAs a working mom, the constant balance of preparing a healthy dinner, making a 4:00pm conference call and finding a last-minute date night sitter can be a major challenge. And if you’re anything like me, each day feels busier than the last.

Luckily, a new set of apps and online services is making it easier for families like ours to manage it all. And when it comes to child care, I’m proud to be working with a team at Sittercity that’s focused on seamlessly connecting families with their favorite sitters from anywhere, on any device.

Of course when it comes to taking care of my family, child care is just one piece of the puzzle. So I turned to a few other moms at Sittercity to find out how they’re using technology to make it all work. Here’s what they had to say:

Share a digital calendar. As a divorced but highly collaborative family, we rely on a shared Google calendar to stay on top of activities that might be scheduled by mom or dad. We include our after-school sitter, who is an important extended family member, so that she goes to the right house and knows all scheduling details. We also stay connected with a group chat, so both parents and our sitter are always in the loop!

             –Kelli, Head of Talent 

  1. Stay connected while you travel. As CEO, I have the honor of leading an inspiring team that’s finding new ways to make child care finally work. I also have the honor of being mom to two amazing girls. Balancing family and work obligations means I’m on the road a lot, and tech is a lifesaver when it comes to staying in touch with my daughters. One of our favorite apps is Life360, which helps us keep tabs on each other while I’m away. They can even see when I’m on the tarmac! Whether we’re chatting about our day on FaceTime or sharing homework with Google Docs, tech brings us closer together even when we’re thousands of miles apart.

            –Elizabeth, CEO 

  1. Use online study tools. My girls love apps like Khan Academy and Duolingo. We’re always looking for ways to learn outside the classroom, and online study tools are an accessible and interactive way to supplement what they’ve learned at school.  Educational apps make it easy to stay up to speed over summer break, or prepare for a big test!

           –Tricia, VP of Marketing

  1. Build your child care “team.” Sittercity has been a real lifesaver when we need to find babysitters or nannies for our son. As someone who relies on child care to balance work and life, I can say first-hand, it can be complicated to manage. #thestruggleisreal! Having a few great sitters we love gives us peace of mind. Even if our regular nanny is sick or needs a day off, we won’t be scrambling to find a replacement!

            –Sandra, Head of Product

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