A Wired Family Update: Houseparty 2020

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Are you going a bit stir crazy sitting at home during the Covid-19 crisis? Most of us throughout the globe appreciate the precautions being made for safety – but we can feel the walls closing in on us. But if you’re at home with your kids, you likely see them feeling the pinch as well.
How many teens and tweens have asked their parents to download Houseparty recently? Yes, that app that we first reported on in 2017, has made a big comeback.

In fact, if you just consider Android users, over 10 millions downloads of Houseparty occurred recently. We have no exact figures concerning downloads on apple devices. However, according to App Annie’s IOS rankings for the week of March 23rd, 2020, Houseparty had grown to #1 for IOS downloads – perhaps in large part to so many schools and businesses having closed.

Frankly, just like with Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Webex for business, if you’re in isolation, group video chats can play a role in connecting people with their equally isolated friends.
Let’s face it – kids need to feel connected as well. Hopefully that connection is in person – but in times such as these, Houseparty facilitates part of the connection that kids want and after a week or so of isolation, perhaps need.

This video examines, the good and the potentially troubleing aspects of Houseparty for teens and tweens.


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