Chloe’s Story of Tragedy & Triumph

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About a year ago, I heard the story of a young woman, age 12, that had been groomed online by a 28-year-old man and then savagely raped by him within a few months. I could not imagine how vile and decadent an act could be until I spoke to the prosecutor involved in the case. He told me, “It’s perhaps the worse case of a child predator and rapist I have ever seen.” He went on to say that the young lady’s name was Chloe and that she and her mom wanted to get the story out to anyone that would listen. Moreover, Chloe planned to travel the country, if necessary, to tell kids of her tragedy and triumph.

This past week, with the permission of the prosecutor, I contacted Chloe’s mom and asked if they would like to participate in a Zoom interview, to tell their story.

The result is this video.


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