Alternative To Google Search Engine, Chrome & Other Google Products.

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If you’ve been paying attention, there are any number of concerns regarding our online privacy – and securing the personal data of our families. Perhaps nowhere is data more at risk than our search history and use of browsers. Every word you have searched and page you have visited exists today on a Google server somewhere in the world.

This has been so profitable for Google, that in 2020, they reported over $134 billion in advertising revenue. As you can imagine, they’re not going to stop their business anytime soon.

Recently, TechSpot did an excellent job of reviewing alternatives to using Google’s search engine, Chrome Browser, and other Google products. There are many alternatives out there – but these might very well be the best.

That said, for search, I now use DuckDuckGo almost exclusively. I’ve been very happy with its performance. I also use FireFox for my PC-based browsing and Safari for mobile use.

Take a look at the two TechSpot Article below, I think you’ll be surprised.

TechSpot Article on Alternative To Google Products:


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