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About a year ago, I had spoken to the folks at Bark, the parental control company about online predators. They told me that they were working on a short documentary about that very subject. Moreover, the project became even more troubling when they realized how many predators would reach out to a child in hopes of grooming them.

Their basic objective for the video was to create social media accounts for two girls, ages 12 and 15, and then to add typical teen content on their social media pages, including teen hashtags – along with backstories related to their lives.

However, the number of predators that reached out to these two “created” girls – was overwhelming in both numbers and subsequent disgust given the requests the men had made of the girls – and the images the men had sent to both of these accounts.

I highly encourage you to take 9 minutes from your day to view this program. It has received nearly 18 million views as of this post.

Bark is a great company with a fantastic parental control product. However, the people behind the product – are doing it for all the right reasons.


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