How To Monitor Your Digital Native

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dollarBy: Stephen J Smith

You’ve heard it a 1000 times, “If I had a dollar for every time (add your experience here.)”

That’s pretty much my experience every time I present, SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO. To that end, the most often asked question at our presentation is “What is the best way to manage and monitor my child’s  activity on their device?”

As parents, we want to protect our children from all harm.  Yet, we also live in a time where harm is no longer limited to what is outside the walls of our home. Often times the greatest harm is what is within our home on our child’s digital devices.

There is no simple answer. However, I generally invite parents to visit our blog from February, 2015 titled SIMON SAYS: TAKE 10 STEPS FORWARD. In some respects, much has changed since that article was penned. For example: the Eero and Circle With Disney did not exist. These are two powerful tools for your home network. Moreover, apps such as and didn’t exist either. Both are blockbuster apps for middle school students. The digital world is constantly evolving.

cyberbullying-research-centerAlthough we try and test every app and product that touches the lives of families, it’s nearly impossible to do so. As such, this week we provide a great article from I think you’ll find their perspective helpful as you begin your search for a better means of managing and monitoring your child’s activity on social media.

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