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A Wired Family Update: Virtual Reality Porn & Your Child

Oculus HeadsetThe past few weeks we have been busy traveling throughout Ohio and Kentucky presenting to students, parents and healthcare professionals on the issues related to the constant evolution of technology. However, it’s also been a bit disturbing following the feedback I have received from parents regarding how their own children were introduced to pornography by other children.

Imagine your third-grade daughter coming home from school and explaining in detail the images she had seen on the bus on another student’s phone. It’s happening. The age of innocence is over for so many children before it had a chance to begin. Sadly, most of us didn’t realize the immediate availability of porn to our children through those digital devices we all too willingly provided.

With the Christmas and holiday season about to start—there is another gateway about to open to an even darker world. Yes, the unbelievable technology that immerses us into stunning, 3D virtual worlds is now leveraging these capabilities in the world of pornography – just two clicks away from your child.

New York TimesIn fact, the New York Times, in their October 28th, 2017 publication, examines this industry; including a look at another fast growing industry – SEX ROBOTS. ) That’s right, they’re here.)

It is for this reason we wrote this short video – and also appeared on Local 12 in Cincinnati to discuss what we know will be a growing issues for families, i.e., Virtual Reality pornography.

If you have children, please take four minutes from your day and listen to what is without question an issue you’ll encounter in the months ahead.

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